• The main benefit is the opportunity to speak freely about whatever troubles you, to be accepted and listened to properly. Few people really listen to us without wanting something in return.What you will be offered is a safe place where someone will attempt to understand what you are going through.
  • Putting private thoughts and hidden feelings into words can be a huge relief.Openness and safety is very important in therapy and can bring some balance back into your life and create a sense of control.
  • When we want to understand our behaviour using the therapist as a guide, you can become more practised in exploring the way you think and feel, gaining more self-awareness.
  • Sometimes we just need someone alongside us in our troubles. Talking can make us feel less alone when times are hard.
  • Receiving feedback from a skilled listener puts difficulties into perspective, so that you can make realistic plans to tackle them. Not only will this restore your self esteem and confidence but give you a draft for overcoming problems in the future.



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