In the first part of Surprising Signs of Depression we touched on having a short fuse and an inability to focus or make up your mind. Here we briefly review other signs that can be an indicator of depression.

Striving for perfection: sometimes when we suffer with depression we can feel that our emotions are ‘out of control’.  To compensate for this we seek stuff that we believe we can control.  This may take the form of cleaning, organising or being ‘perfect’ in our work.

Random aches and pains which have been checked out physically and no origin found could be being felt to deflect away from emotional pain.

Finally a feeling of utter emptiness where nothing gives you a feeling of joy or pleasure is a sign of depression.  This can be a scary place to be as we feel cut off from other people and worry that we will never ‘feel’ again.

Depression can affect all of us in different ways and to different degrees, from mild to severe but it is highly treatable.  If you recognise any of these signs or something similar please seek professional help.  Talking really does work!